10 Processed Foods to Avoid During a Candida Diet

Supermarket processed foodsDuring any candida diet it is extremely important to adhere to the diet guidelines if the diet is to be effective. You are probably already aware that sugar and carbohydrate are the main foods that help the candida yeast build its protective biofilms and also derive nutrition for themselves.  It is common knowledge that processed food tend to contain greater concentrations of sugars and carbs, however, there are other lesser known reasons to avoid them wen trying to balance candida.


  1. Food Containing Yeast and Molds: Mold containing foods should be strictly avoided if you have Candida infection. Candida is a kind of fungus and the molds are aid the growth of Candida in the body. Blue cheeses, unsoaked nuts and breads will all contain molds and yeast that can make candida more difficult to overcome. Dried goods with long shelf lives will also have a greater chance of harbouring fungus spores.


  1. Sausages: Sausages may contain additives, artificial colors and stabilizers that can trigger the Candida growth in the guts. They raise the toxin content in the body and pose problems during the detox program that has to be conducted before starting the Candida treatment process.


  1. Condiments: Ketchups, jams, jelly and condiments in general are very high in sugar content and also contain food preservatives that are not good for consumption during the Candida treatment. You can however have lots of fresh herbs, seaweeds and spices to add flavour to your food during the diet.


  1. Sweetened Soy Milk: Sweetened processed soy milk should be avoided during a Candida diet. They Many are marketed a ‘healthy’ or ‘lite’ option but in fact contain lots of sugar or sweeteners to make them more flavourful. Make sure you look out for natural unsweetened soy milk.


  1. Pastries: Pastries and confectionary contain lots of refined sugar that is a good source of glucose that helps the Candida Albicans to build their protective biofilms for growth and defence against the body’s immune system and antibiotics.


  1. Beverages: Beverages such as soft drinks, colas, have sugar in them and should be avoided  during the treatment for Candida. These drinks, together with alcohol will feed the candida and suppress you immune system. It is recommended that you do not consume them even after the diet is complete to remain candida free.


  1. Flat breads: Unleavened breads like paratha, naans, tortillas are high in carbohydrate content  that once in the body will be converted to sugars that feed the candida overgrowth. Additionally, if there breads are ‘ready made’ they will contain preservatives and will possibly are mold and yeast spores.


  1. Sweetened Yogurt: Processed yogurt is sweet in taste due to the presence of sugars. You should also avoid the flavoured yogurt as there are artificial taste enhancers that are not good for your health either. You can prepare the natural sugar free yogurt at home, which is one of the essential foods in Candida diet.


  1. Fruit Juices: Fruit juices are extremely high in sugar. Long life fruit juices many even have sugars added to enhance the taste. It is advisable that people consume only fresh vegetable juices during the ongoing Candida treatment and even these need to avoid sweet vegetables like carrot and peppers.


  1. Packet Soup and Sauces Mixes: Powdered soups and sauces always contain bulking agents like wheat, sugar and salt not to mention many ‘E’ numbers. During the diet plan avoid them entirely. During the reintroduction phase, some miso soups and broth can be eaten. Make sure that you always read the ingredients carefully. Don’t consume miso in large quantities as it is fermented.

The Candida treatment may vary from 45 to 60 days during which the body can be effectively flushed out of the Candida Albicans. It is always necessary to maintain strict adherence to the suggested diet and control the sugar cravings to speed up the recovery process.

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