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Acidosis and Yeast Infections

Acid RefluxAn overly acidic human body is home to critical ailments and chronic pain. The more acid your body is, the more severe the potential illness is likely to be. A balanced Ph is the key to health. In 2009 a study found that 89% of Americans have an acidic Ph level, primarily due to dietary habits. An overly acid system caused by diet is referred to as Dietary Acidosis and has been proven to be a major inhibitor of immune system function in the human body. Balancing the bodies acid-alkaline (Ph) level is on the simplest and most effective ways to ward off poor health. The connection between acidosis and yeast infection is well documented but many candida suffers are just unaware of the connection.

What is it?

Dietary Acidosis is when our bodies have an overly high acid content. Acids form as we digest foods and some foods develop more acid than others. Sugar is an acid forming food for example. The yeast Candida Albicans is more suited to an acid environment in which to grow. As far as dietary acidosis is concerned, the overly acidic body supports the overgrowth of Candida Albicans whereas an alkaline environment will be difficult for the yeast to thrive. Therefore the more we know about how to prevent our bodies becoming too acidic the better the prospect of keeping candida at bay.

What causes acidosis?

• Modern lifestyle: Poor diet with sugary, fatty foods, caffeine, alcohol, ‘energy drinks’, stress, drugs.
• Certain health conditions that may also result in an overly-acidic body include lung fibrosis, diabetes and other respiratory conditions, which increases CO2 in body and lessens O2.

Acidosis will make it far easier for a Candida yeast infection to occur and will also make an established overgrowth extremely difficult to overcome in the long term. Left unaddressed, candida can become a system wide infection known as Candidiasis.

Candidiasis & Systematic Infections

Gradually over time, under the right conditions Candida Albicans converts from benign yeast into an invasive fungal infection. This type of Candida fungus creates microscopic opening in the intestinal wall that further causes leaky gut syndrome. These small openings allow Candida and other foreign objects like food particles to pass into blood stream, triggering an immune response and the symptoms associated with Candidiasis. This is certainly the beginning of second stage of yeast infection called Systemic Candidiasis. Systemic Candidiasis is a very serious health concern, as this will weaken and overwhelm your immune system.

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