Anti Candida Diet Plan

Benefits of Vitamin D3

Vitamin-DStrengthening the immune system plays a key role in preventing and treating a Candida Albicans infection.  Recent research findings have provided evidence of the role of Vitamin D3 in strengthening the immune system allowing the body to fight bacterial and viral infections effectively. According to the reports published in the ‘The Proceedings of the Nutrition Society’ journal, the antimicrobial responses are activated in the immune cells when these cells absorb and process the Vitamin D received by the body through sunlight and other food sources such as fish oils and many other essential nutritious foods.

A major reason for the spreading of Candida yeast in different parts of the body is due to the dampness and an ineffective immune system. In oder for your immune system to function well you need vitamin D. The best source of vitamin D is in fact the sun. Not directly we hasten to add! When exposed to sunlight your body manufactures D vitamins but with todays fast paced lifestyle we spend a large amount of time in an offices and it can be difficult to get enough sunlight. Populations in countires with low light levels are more at risk. In fact the government of the UK has recently stated that it believes the population is generally deficient in D vitamins.  Candida treatment needs to start with boosting your  immune system and vitamin D is essential in doing so. People with stronger immune systems can destroy the Candida Albicans before the yeast has a chance to form biofilms and enter the germination phase.


How to Cure Candida Naturally 

Regular diet rich in vitamin D can be a good way to prevent the Candida overgrowth naturally. Fish and Sea foods are very high in vitamin D. Here is a list of foods that you can include in your diet to prevent Candida overgrowth:


  • Cod Liver Oil: Cod liver oil can be taken in the form of capsules everyday. It is very high in Vitamin D content and helps to build a strong immune system in the body. Following a successful candida treatment it is a good idea to continue to use a Cod Liver Oil supplement to keep your immune system in great condition.


  • Canned Salmon: Salomon fish is a very rich source of vitamin D. However, deep frying can reduce the vitamin content to a large extent. Eating salmon raw or grilled will keep the vitamin and nutrition content largely intact. Make sure if you choose to eat salmon raw that you buy sushi grade fish.


  • Oysters: Oysters are very rich in several minerals, including zinc, magnesium, iron and copper. Not only notorious as an aphrodisiac, oysters are good for maintaining a healthy heart and so add additional health benefits beside supporting you immune system.


  • Tofu and Soy Milk: These protein rich products are a good source of vitamin D and calcium. However the vitamin D content may vary from one product to another. It is important to check the labels to find the accurate percentage of vitamin content in the purchased products.


Some other foods rich in vitamin D that are ideal for regular consumption are eggs, dairy products and Red Reshi mushrooms. Adding vitamin D3 rich foods to your diet is a great way to assist your immune system but there are also supplements on the market. Should you choose to use supplements make sure you consult a physician before you start a course as it is possible to have too much vitamin D.

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