Can I return to my normal diet?

Questions and AnswersThe Anti Candida Diet Plan is not easy and we are not surprised that this is one of the most common questions we get asked. Many people find it difficult to maintain the diet because of its strict nature and revert back to the way they where eating after a week or so. Often dieters stop when the start to experience the symptoms of the ‘Die-Off’ not recognising it for progress that it is. Sadly, for these people making a long-term change to their diet in order rid themselves of the Candida is just too hard.

The diet plan does have an end but the reality is that you will probably need to eat a radically different diet to remain free of the Candida overgrowth. You will need to continue to eat a diet that is low in sugars and make sure that you maintain an intake of good quality probiotics. Some people find that they can go back to a laregly normal diet as long as they don’t contiuniously over-indulge.

We suggest that as a general rule you continue to avoid:

  • Processed and manufactured foods.
  • Any food with added sugars to sweeteners
  • Regular alcohol consumption
  • High sugar fruits
  • Antibiotics wherever possible

Read our Reintroduction Foods for guidance on the foods that you can start eating directly after the diet. These foods will give you the best possible start at getting back to a ‘normal’ diet if reintroduced gradually. It is important that you closely monitor how you feel during this period to ensure that you don’t let Candida overgrow again.

We have found that a large proportion of the people who stop the Anti Candida Diet Plan do so because of the symptoms of the ‘Die-Off’, but there are ways to limit these unpleasant feelings.

  • Stay well hydrated with filter water – your urine should be almost clear throughout the detox.
  • Use the detoxing properties of a Sauna Therapy
  • Consider using Molybdenum to neutralise the toxins the Candida produces during the Die-Off
  • Try to plan the detox phase of the diet plan to be during a relaxed time when you can get proper rest.

Limiting the symptoms of the ‘Die-Off’ will allow you to better cope with the Anti Candida Diet Plan in general and hopefully see you conquering Candida for good!

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