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Chlorine and Candida

Chlorinated Tap Water

Unfiltered Tap Water contains Chlorine

Do you drink unfiltered tap water? If so you are almost certainly drinking chlorine as well, which is killing the good bacteria in you gut and making it easy for Candida grow.

Of course, there is a good reason for this powerful chemical to be present in the water we drink. Chlorine is an effective disinfectant used to kill dangerous pathogens and organisms in the water supply. Obviously this is in the best interest  for the overall health of the population but unfortunately, chlorine does not discriminate and also kills all the good bacteria that make up your gut flora and keeps Candida in check.

Candida Overgrowth and Chlorine

Your immune system is not the only line of defence against foreign bodies. The friendly bacteria that line your digestive track also perform a vital role in preventing harmful viruses and pathogens from entering your system. They rapidly consume the nutrients  that would otherwise feed harmful organisms allowing them to overgrow.

Your digestive system is a complex environment where your immune system and the good bacteria that live there actually work together to defend against ‘foreign’ microbes. There is a tissue membrane know as the lymphoid that lines certain organs including the digestive tract and secretes immune cells. Its job is to identify the elements present and decide which ones can pass through it and be absorbed by the body. The good bacteria communicate to the lymph where immune cells might be needed.

Ingesting chlorine from unfiltered tap water will destroy the beneficial micro organisms in you gut leading to bloating and indigestion but will not harm the Candida yeast. With the good bacteria out of the way the Candida has all the nutrients to itself and can develop into the overgrowth known as Candidiasis.

Candida is present in everybody, and is harmless when limited by the beneficial bacteria. The yeast Candida Albicans only becomes a problem when your system is disrupted and can then overgrow into a fungus. The resulting condition known as Candidiasis can damage your digestive track, weaken you immune system and cause many symptoms in the sufferer.

How to Avoid Chlorine

Avoiding chlorine is no easy task as it is present in the majority of mains water supplies. When trying to limit your intake of chlorine it is best to start where we drink, bathe and cook with it – in the home. The ideal solution is to install a whole house filtration system. These devices can be installed to your homes existing plumbing and will remove chlorine as well as lime-scale and other chemicals. Make sure you seek expert advice as there are many different products on the market and it can be costly, however, the benefit to your long-term health will make it worthwhile.

The cost of a whole house filtration system can be prohibitive but there are alternatives. You can now buy water filters designed for taps and sanitary-ware plumbing. These devices can be bolted onto kitchen sinks and installed in the bathroom. These will make your drinking and cooking water safe and can reduce your exposure further when installed in the bathroom.

There are other sources of chlorine in the home too. Check the laundry detergent that you use for its presence along with the cleaning products that you use. Using natural products for these household tasks will avoid cross contamination.

One of the largest doses of chlorine we can encounter at any one time is when we use a hot tub of visit a communal swimming pool. The chlorine levels have to be very high to keep these activities safe and free from harmful bacteria. Try to avoid using them as much as possible. Swimming in fresh water or the sea is better for you.

Try to adapt your lifestyle so that you plan ahead and avoid as much chlorine as possible. You will never be able to avoid it totally in western towns and cities but you can take your own bottled water with you when you are out. The more you cut chlorine out the stronger you allow your immune system to become and the more able it will become in dealing with Candida

Recent studies are now making us aware of the harmful effects chlorine has to our health. If you have battled Candida in the past and have used probiotics and anti-fungals and still have symptoms, consider eliminating chlorine as there is a very good chance it is what is stopping your recovery.


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