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Does a mold make Candida worse?

MoldCandida is a type of yeast and in fact has become the major cause of infection among thousands of people across the globe. The most common type of this yeast is Candida Albicans which is naturally present in our body especially on the membranes of body parts such as mouth, throat, intestine and vagina. This fungus remains silent and under control until and unless there is heavy disturbance in one’s bodily environment especially immune system. There are a number of reasons for this fungal overgrowth in one’s body and a moldy home is often considered to be one of the prime suspects for this infection.

The people suffering from Candida infection are so stressed and frustrated that they cannot really think of the cause that resulted in their suffering. However it is pertinent to know that the molds in one’s environment-be it office or residence can be a major cause for the Candida fungal infection. The molds on your walls, carpets or wallpapers occur due to the presence of moisture in one’s walls and floor. Moisture can be due to a plumbing, damp or a wall / flooding problem. The drying up of walls and floors is necessary in order to prevent molds that can grow only under humid moisture dense conditions.

Mold in the home

Even if the walls in your home are harbouring molds, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your Candida is the definite result of this mold only. There are a number of molds that can grow in your home such as Pencillium, Alternari and Cladosporium etc. and Candida may not be one of them.

These molds can affect a person in mainly two ways. Firstly, the constant exposure to such molds hampers one’s immune system badly leaving it weak and ineffective. A person living in a mold infected area inhales the spores present in the fungus and this inhaling results a rapid response from the immune system. However repetitive exposure to these molds makes the immune system used to it, thus leading to the Candida fungus overgrowth in one’s gut and other body parts as well. Secondly, the molds present in one’s home can make a person hypersensitive to the fungi thus resulting into developing of various fungus infections. A person suffering from fungal allergies or infections is likely to have weak immune system, thus enhancing the growth of Candida yeast in one’s body.

It is important to understand that not all molds present in your house have the potential to make your Candida worse. It is in fact the “Black mold” that is considered to be a potential threat to all Candida patients and even the healthy adults. Thus one must check the growth of such molds in one’s house.

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