Anti Candida Diet Plan, FAQ

How long does each part of the diet last?

Questions and AnswersWe have found that the people who get the greatest benefit from the Anti Candida Diet Plan are those that set themselves realistic expectations and adopt a new lifestyle to maintain their health. Each Candida overgrowth is unique to the individual and does not disappear over a set period of time, although there are factors that will influence how long you have to maintain the diet. Some Candida sufferers have had  their condition for years if not decades before they attempt to treat it, so it is unreasonable to expect a easy overnight recovery. Other sufferers find that after several weeks of the diet plan they feel much better and are able to return to a normal diet without the overgrowth reoccurring. The reality for many is that you will always need to be aware of what you are eating and keeping sugar to a minimum.

We have outlined some of the factors that affect the duration diet plan. Each step of the plan has a different purpose and will be a different experience for all, so there is no set time  frame. Listen to your body and be aware of how your symptoms change as you progress, you are the best judge for when is time to move onto the next stage. Remember that you can always go back a step if you feel that your symptoms are returning. Ultimately, patience and persistence are qualities that will serve you best when it comes to fighting the Candida overgrowth.

The scale of your Candida overgrowth

The length of time that  you have been living with Candidiasis has a significate baring upon how long it will take to recover. For some people the symptoms of a Candida overgrowth are distinct and they take action quickly while for others a diagnosis may have taken some considerable time, allowing the Candida to cause more damage and spread through the intestinal tract.

The longer that the Candida has to spread into the gut the more ingrained and quick growing the yeast becomes. The cells attach themselves to your intestinal wall and penetrate through the membrane into the bloodstream. Once this has occurred, particles from the food you eat and toxins that the Candida secretes pass into the blood and cause an immune response. This is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome and is one of the causes of food intolerances and immune fatigue.

A well established case of Candida will require and longer time to heal, repair and recover from due to the complications the overgrowth will have caused eg, LGS, Adrenal Fatigue, allergies etc. To aid your recovery it is important that you not only follow the diet plan but also boost your immune system by cutting out caffeine, taking Echinacea, Vitamin C and supplementing your diet with a good quality probiotic and antifungal.

How committed you are to the diet

Following the Anti Candida Diet Plan in a disciplined way is key to your success. Every time you eat something with a high sugar content like a chocolate bar or an alcoholic drink you are just feeding the Candida and making the diet take longer to be effective.  Make sure you are familiar with both  the foods you should avoid and the suitable detox / cleanse foods  lists and stick to them strictly during the diet to speed your recovery time up.

By carefully following the diet plan and being serious about your preparation and research to can dramatically reduce the time it takes to kill a Candida overgrowth. Read our section on probiotics and antifungals and use them in combination with the diet to fight the Candida infection and help prevent it returning.

Your Probiotic and Antifungal usage

Two crucial elements in the success of you Candida recovery are probiotics and antifungals. Take some time to read though the relevant sections of this site so that you understand what they do and what products are best for you. Depending upon how aggressive you are with the use of these supplements you can speed up your treatment duration.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as straight forward as taking large amounts of probiotics and antifungals. Upping your dosage of these will kill the Candida yeast more quickly causing you to experience a more severe ‘Die-Off’ that you may find too unpleasant to bare. The ‘Die-Off’ is caused by the Candida releasing toxins as it dies and breaks down. Many people abandon the diet at this point as they feel to rough to carry on. We suggest to avoid this, that you take the time to find a dosage of probiotics and antifungals that work for you and that you feel you can maintain until the end of the diet plan. As we mentioned before, patience and perseverance are the qualities that will see you succeed when fighting Candida.

Your willpower

By far the most important part of the diet is you and your will to see it through. Your willpower will see you through the tough times that you face during the diet; saying no to that Gin and Tonic after a day at work, the chocolate bar with a coffee mid-morning and finding the strength to prepare a diet plan meal when you have had a long day will all need loads of mental strength. Remember how you felt when you first started looking for information about Candida – this is important and you are in control. There is a very good reason why you are doing this and it won’t last forever. Making a daily routine will help get you break the task down in easy to manage steps and stop it from overwhelming you. Stay positive and focus upon feeling better and you be back to full health before you know it! Read our motivation tips page for more ideas to help you succeed.

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