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How sugar can effect Candida Biofilms

Microscopic enlargement of Candida BiofilmCandida Albicans is a form of yeast fungus that grows protective biofilms to ensure protective growth along the lines of the intestines. The adaptability of such fungus builds up in the body is quite strong considering their capability to survive in different pH levels posesa major hindrance to the strong treatment through medication. Hence it is very difficult to break the biofilms they build for their survival from the action of the natural immune system, probiotic and antifungal medication.


Relationship between Candida Biofilms and Sugar Consumption

Over the ages the health conscious people have limited the consumption of sugar due to the overweight and diabetes concerns. Of late the facts have emerged that the Candida Albicans form biofilms inside the gut. Glucose in the major component of these biofilms walls amounts to over 32% of the entire matter. Candida extracts the glucose from the diet of the host. Hence, greater the sugar consumption, increased will be their power to develop stronger biofilms.

Sugar in your diet is of greater importance than building biofilms for their protection. About 80% of the Candida cell walls are developed of carbohydrates you consume daily. Hence this helps in their growth and germination process too. Candida also utilizes the carbs in your diet to switch to the hyphal form Candida that spreads with greater intensity and build complex biofilm structures.

Remedial Measures for Candida cure

Preparations before Candida Diet: A proper flushing and toxin cleanse is mandatory before you start your Candida diet schedules.

Spices and Medicinal Herbs: Spices and Herbs added to the daily food are rich in medicinal properties that are good for the digestive system and contain a lot of vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy. They make the food delicious and produce a nice aroma throughout.


Reduce Sugar Consumption: If you are suffering from Candida overgrowth, the key step to Candida cure is to minimize and, if possible, eliminate sugar and carbohydrate consumption to as much as possible. This is the key to the ultimate success of your Candida treatment. However, switching to an effective diet plan is also mandatory to ensure that you remain fit and healthy throughout.

Practice Eating Small Meals: Taking large meals raise your blood sugar level, which is not good for your Candida treatment. Eat small portions of fresh leafy veggies, fruits and of course include some protein in the diet.

Avoid Fast Food Consumption: Fast food is not only high in calories, but also are high in sugar content. Hence, prepare some low sugar snacks at home to ensure you eat properly during the entire duration of Candida treatment.

Sugar Substitutes: At some instances, you may experience sugar cravings during the long continuation of anti Candida diet plan. To ensure that you do not add sugar to your food, Keep artificial sweeteners such as Xylitol at home that can be added to your beverages or sweet dishes.

Consulting a physician is also important so that you can take two step actions to eliminate the growth of Candida in your intestines. Once the sugar content in the food is reduced, their power to resist the action of medicines will also be reduced producing effective results for the problem.

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