How to Sprout Nuts and Seeds

Sprouting seeds in cupYou must have heard people discussing about their breakfast regime which incorporates sprouted nuts and seeds and wonder why and how these people include such things in their diet. There are several benefits associated with including sprouted nuts and seeds in your diet including better digestion and relieve from many gastric disorders. When a seed is soaked in water, it starts producing a number of beneficial enzymes and the harmful substances in the seeds that hamper better digestion such as phytic acid and gluten break down to become simpler and easy to digest proteins.


All kinds of nuts, seeds, and beans are full of nutrition but their nutrition nearly doubles when these are soaked or sprouted. There are a number of ways in which these foods can be soaked and can be transformed into powerhouses of nutrition. It has been documented that nuts take generally more time to sprout than seeds. With seeds, a good rule of thumb is the fresher the seed the faster it will sprout, while the seeds that don’t sprout even after soaking are considered dead due to the absence of enzymes.

Let us take you through the step by step process of soaking seeds and nuts:

  • First begin by picking up the discarded, broken and discoloured seeds from the batch of seeds or nuts that you’ve decided to sprout. One should try and remove black and brown coloured seeds in particular as these may contain toxins.
  • Before soaking the seeds or nuts, make sure that you wash these properly with fresh water.
  • Now soak the seeds in a bowl of fresh filtered water for overnight and make sure that the water level is around 3-4 cm above the seed level, as soaking would increase the size of the seeds.
  • The soaking time of different seeds vary considerably but if you wish to eat sprouted seeds in the morning then overnight soaking is enough for all types of seeds.
  • The nuts in particular sprout well in water containing a pinch of sea salt. A word of caution to the ones who are planning to sprout cashew nuts, don’t leave them soaked for longer than 5-6 hours as they may get bitter and tasteless after prolonged soaking.
  • Once the seeds are sprouted, rinse them immediately with fresh water. This helps to remove enzyme inhibitors and increase digestibility.

Sprouting seeds and nuts can reliably and to order does have a learning curve. The aliveness of a seed/nut plays an important part in the soaking process. A live seed always sprouts faster and is tastier than a old one. Apart from the seed, the water in which soaking is done along with its salt content (where necessary) and ph levels also have a major role to play in determining successful soaking.

As the old saying goes – ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’.

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