Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle

When reading about Candida and how to treat a yeast overgrowth it usually isn’t very long before you come across the term ‘Die-off’ and how unpleasent the experience is. Finding ways to make the symptoms of Die-off more comfortable is often crucial in a successful Candida cleanse as many find that they can not cope with the headaches, nausea, dizzy spells etc. These symptoms are caused by toxins released by the Candida yeast as it dies but fortunately there are ways to avoid feeling too bad and Milk Thistle is one supplement that can help.

Taking Milk Thistle during a detox can not only help your liver process the toxins produced by the Candida but will also protect it from future damage.

What happens during Candida Die-Off?

Believe it or not, the Candida die-off is actually a really good indication that you are progressing well with your anti Candida diet plan as it shows that the yeast infestation is dying. The die-off usually occurs when you start to take anti-fungals and probiotics as these produce an environment within your digestive tract that the Candida cannot overgrow in. The result is that the Candida yeast cells quickly die and breakdown, dumping a cocktail of toxins into your  bloodstream.

The speed at which this can happen sometimes overwhelms your system causing a toxic build up which you experience as headaches, poor concentration, dizzy spells, muscle aches, fever and excessive sweating. Studies have profiled as many as 79 different toxins being released during a die-off with the most abundant being Acetaldehyde and Ethanol which can cause hangover like feelings. The medical term for this reaction is known as a Herxheimer.

Reducing Die-off symptoms with Milk Thistle

Liver function is key to eliminating the toxins in our blood and therefore supporting its function will aid Candida suffers during their cleanse, making the experience far less traumatic. Milk Thistle contains an active chemical called Silymarin that supports and protects the liver in a number of ways. This chemical is in fact a group of phytochemical compounds know as flavonolignands.

Silymarin aids liver function is several ways:

  • repairing damaged liver cells by stimulating protein systhesis and returning their full functionality.
  • guarding liver cells by modifying the cell membranes to prvent toxins from entering the cell and causing damage.
  • stimulating new liver cell growth.

Milk Thistle’s benefits to the liver are so well documented that they are part of conventional medicinal practice and are prescribed by doctors in the treatment of cirrhosis, viral hepatits and liver poisoning.

What is Milk Thistle?

Milk Thistle’s health benefits are not a new discovery and in fact their first medicinal use can be traced back to the ancient greeks who used it as a liver tonic 2000 years ago. The flowing plant was originally native to the mediterranean but is now found all over europe and north america. Research is continuing into its possible use in reducing the growth rate of certain cancer cells, insulin resistance in type-2 diabetes and as a cholesterol lowering supplement.

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