Keep motivatedMolybdenum is an essential trace mineral that is naturally found in the human body and in particular foods in small amounts. It is important for the Candida sufferer as it is very good at helping the body cope with the symptoms of the ‘die-off’ during the cleanse phase of the anti Candida diet plan. Molybdenum is used by the liver to expel toxins that can accumulate as the Candida yeast cells die. This process depletes the Molybdenum at a higher rate than is normal and so it is a good idea to replace these lost minerals with a supplementation plan during the detox. You can usually find Molybdenum supplements in capsule form in your local health food store. Alternatively, there are certain foods that contain a higher concentration of the mineral that can support you during the die-off.

How does Molybdenum help with Candida?

Molybdenum helps you cope with the symptoms of the ‘die-off’ phase of the anti Candida diet. These symptoms are normally things like nausea, dizziness, fatigue, joint and muscle ache and headaches and are due to the intoxication of your body caused by the Candida yeast cells. Candida feeds on the sugars in the food that you eat, producing waste byproducts (79 in total!) one of which is a neurotoxin called acealdehyde.

Acealdehyde is important because of the damaging effects it has on your health and general wellbeing. Acealdehyde has a wide range of negative effects upon your system including:

  • Impaired brain function and cell damage
  • Impaired endocrine, immune and respiratory systems
  • Red blood cell damage and impaired oxygen delivery as a result

Unlike many other toxins that the body has to deal with, Acetaldehyde is not excreated and accumulates causing the aforementioned symptoms as well as joint pain, weakness in the muscels and joints.

Molybdenum is able to convert the acetaldehyde into acetic acid which can then be excreted in the normal way. Additionally, your body is able to process acetic acid by converting it to an enzyme called acetyl coenzyme A which plays an essential part in your metabolisism. During the die-off acetaldehyde levels can climb creating some unpleasant flu-like symptoms, this is the best time to use a Molybdenum supplement.

How is Molybdenum taken?

When you reach the end of the detox or cleanse phase of the diet plan and you start to introduce antifungals and probiotics into your diet, you may being to feel the die-off. This is the the best time to start supplementing with Molybdenum as this is when your liver will need supporting. Your body will naturally distributed the majority of the molybdenum to the liver, precisely where it needs to be.

The most common delivery type form Molybdenum is capsules. It is very difficult to overdose  as any excess is processed by the kidneys and passed in the normal way, however, always make sure that you read and follow the dosage instructions on the supplement you purchase.

What foods contain Molybdenum?

Try to incorporate some of the following foods into your post cleanse diet so that you sustain your molybdenum levels.

Molybdenum in Nuts and Seeds
Oregon State University Extension states that molybdenum is found in significant quantities in all types of nuts.
  • Walnuts contain 7.38 mg of the mineral per quarter cup.
  • Almonds, delivering 10.18 mcg in a quarter cup

Seeds, especially sunflower seeds are good sources too.

Legumes are all types of beans and lentils and are both an excellent source of molybdenum and dietary fiber. Generally speaking, vegetables that grow on the surface are a better source of the mineral than root veg. The best sources are:
  • Lima beans at 141 mcg per cup.
  • Kidney beans are close behind with 132.75 mcg per cup.
  • A cup of cooked Black Beans contains 129 mcg of molybdenum
  • Garbanzo beans, or chickpeas, provides 123 mcg.
  • Navy beans, pinto beans and green peas contain significant amounts of molybdenum as well.
Meat, Fish and Dairy
Molybdenum is also found in animal products in varying quantities. Liver, pork and milk contain the highest concentrations of the mineral. Dairy products typically contain lower levels than meat.

Candida Die-Off treatments

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is a well know natural liver cleansing remedie. It contains a special group of phytochemical compounds know as flavonolignands, making what is know as a Silymarin. The compounds work to support your liver during times of stress, such as during a die-off. Read more detailed information about Milk Thistle on our dedicated page.


Due to the stress that the die-off places upon your body, it is important that you have a fit and healthy immune system. Vitamins B-5 and C both support immune function and adrenal function. Read more about immune boosters on our dedicated page.

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