Anti Candida Diet Plan

Post Diet: Reintroduction of Foods

Free from Candida!The final stage of the Anti Candida Diet Plan is to reintroduce foods into your diet that will form part of a sustainable Candida free lifestyle

You may be wondering how you know when you have cured your Candida overgrowth and when the right time to start reintroducing foods may be. Everybody’s experience with Candida Albicans and their recovery is unique to them and so the most important indicator is how you feel. Review our Candida Tests and Candida Questionnaire pages. While going back over these pages now, you should feel that your initial symptoms have improved considerable and you have more energy without the lapses in concentration or dizzy spells. Should you feel as though you still have symptoms of Candidiasis then maintain the diet plan for a while longer.

Step 3: Reintroducing foods

With your symptoms gone this indicates that you have got the Candida yeast under control. It is crucial now that you take you time reintroducing foods as this will allow you to monitor which foods you may have an intolerance to. Start with foods that have a low sugar content like blackberries and tart apples. Continue to avoid all foods with high sugar contents (even fruits).

At this stage you may also start to add small amount of complex carbohydrates back into your diet. Once your body begins to digest carbohydrates they are converted into sugars that can feed the Candida, however, this process happens at a slower rate with complex carbs. Try small portions of foods like wild rice, beans and sweet potatoes and review our list of foods to reintroduce.

Can I eat like I did before the diet?

People experience Candida in varied and unique ways and there are no rules about how you continue to eat in the future. Some suffers find that if they eat exactly as they did before the diet plan their Candida overgrows and they have Candidiasis once more. Others are able to reintroduce all the foods they used to eat, including sweets and alcohol and they don’t have any problems. This seems to be dependant upon the length and severity of the original infestation. We advise you gradual changes to the way that you eat and continue to be aware of the other causes of Candida in you lifestyle in order to remain Candida free in the long-term

Using probiotics and antifungals

With the Anti Candida Diet Plan complete and the return of symptom free good health you will no longer need to take antifungals. It is a good idea to maintain a regular intake of foods that naturally contain antifungals as this will continue to inhibit Candida yeast.

We recommend that you continue to take a good quality probiotic as it has a much wider health benefit. Not only do they support you digestive system and help balance the pH levels in your stomach but there is now evidence that they actually work to enhance the effectiveness of your immune system. Read the Pennsylvania University study from 2009 that demonstrated that ideal levels of healthy bacteria in the gut will boost the immune system and allow the body to fight off pathogens more effectively.

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