Psyllium Husk

Psyllium HuskA Candida overgrowth will often spread through your digestive tract if it is left unchecked but the cleanliness of your intestines will have a direct effect upon speed and severity of this. Mucous and fecal deposits can build up in the twists and turns of you intestines and act as a breading ground for Candida yeast cells, parasites and other harmful organisms. It is very important that your digestive tract is kept clean at all times buy making sure that your diet is high in fiber.

The fiber that you eat is indigestible, as it passes though your intestines it dislodges the matter that has become stuck. Eating a diet that is comprised of a good proportion of vegetables and grains is the best way to ensure that you have sufficient fiber in your diet, but you can also supplement your regular diet with Psyllium husks to cleanse the colon of impacted matter. Psyllium is especially effective when combined with Bentonite Clay during a cleanse or detox as using these together will remove debris while also absorbing toxins.


Psyllium husk comes in the form of a powder that is then made into a preparation by mixing it with water and then drinking. As it absorbs the water it multiplies in volume and becomes a viscous substance known as mucilage. Traveling through the digestive tract, the mucilage softens and breaks up fecal deposits and dislodges other unwanted matter allowing them to be removed and excreted naturally.

Psyllium is a great way to combat constipation and a healthy way to install regular bowel function, without the unpleasant side effects that can accompany laxatives.

How to take Psyllium fiber

You can buy Psyllium either in powder or capsule form from health food shops or online. The powdered form should be mixed with water and then consumed immediately as it will quickly absorb the water and start becoming a gel. The first couple of times you take it, you can expect a little bloating (as the Psyllium expands inside you) but this is normal and your body will grow accustomed to it quickly.

Psyllium is not suitable for everyone

Psyllium is considered to be a very safe dietary supplement but you should be aware that some people can have a very severe allergic reaction to taking it. Those that have leaky gut or have had intestinal or bowel surgery should consult their doctor before using it.

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