Anti Candida Diet Plan

Reintroduction Foods

Reintroduce bluberries

Enjoy fruit again!

The final part of the Anti Candida Diet Plan is the reintroduction of foods that you have been avoiding. These are mainly carbohydrate based foods like, starchy vegetable,  beans and fruit.

By reintroducing these foods slowly you will be able to monitor your reaction to them and know if your Candida has left you with any intolerances towards them. Start with the foods lowest in sugars and gradually work back to a higher sugar diet. You many not be able to go back to exactly how you eat before your Candidiasis – this is dependant upon the severity of the original infestation and your awareness towards the other causes of Candida.


Foods to Reintroduce

BEANS AND OTHER PULSES Azuki BeansBlack BeansCarob Powder


Mung Beans


Lima Beans

Pinto Beans

Navy Beans

Split Peas

  • Beans are not in the diet plan because of there high carb content.
  • After the diet is complete they can be reintroduced as the are nutritious, antifungal and high in fibre.
  • Reintroduce beans slowly as they can be difficult for Candida suffers to digest.
  • Soak all beans (even canned) to make them more digestable.
VEGETABLES PotatoesCarrotsSweet Potatoes





Red Peppers



Winter Squash

  • Starchy vegetables can be reintroduced after the diet plan is complete.
  • Go slowly – 2-3 small portions each week.
  • Use them sparingly until you are sure your Candida is under control.
  • Be aware that cooked carrots are converted into sugar by the body much faster than raw.
FRUIT Green ApplesPearsGrapefruit






  • Fruits can be reintroduced after the diet plan is complete.
  • This is a list of low sugar fruits that can be slowly reintroduced.
  • Be aware that fruit can cause reactions in Candida suffers.
  • Eat only small portions, 2-3 times a week.
  • Cranberries should only be eaten raw or frozen.

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