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SteviaAn all natural herbal sweetener, Stevia can now be found easily in many health food shops and supermarkets. The plant originates from South America and is characterised by its extremely sweet taste, however unlike sugar it has an exceptionally low glycemic index and therefor does not spike blood-sugar levels nor have a high calorific content. This good news for those on a diet who crave a sweet taste in foods but want to avoid the calories and sugar crashes normally associated with sugary foods.


Stevia is a great product for those on a anti Candida diet plan as many find it difficult to switch to the strict low-carb, no-sugar diet and struggle to sustain it. Unlike sugar Stevia does not feed Candida yeast and is safe to use while on the diet. You may even wish to replace sugar with Stevia in the long-term as it is 100% natural, zero calorie and has a low GI making it a very health option.

5 benefits of taking Stevia:

  • 100% natural herbal sweetener
  • Contains zero calories
  • Does not have damaging side effects like some artificial sweeteners
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Stevia is suitable for those on an Anti Candida Diet

How to choose which Stevia to buy

You should be aware that just because the packet says ‘Stevia’ it does not necessary mean that it is safe for a Candida diet. Some Candida dieters make the switch to Stevia thinking that they are removing the sugar from their diet only to remain feeling sick. This is beacause some Stevia brands use maltodextrin as a filler ingredient and this will feed your Candida overgrowth almost as much as sugar would. Make sure you read the ingredients and are sure that no form of additional sugars are present. You should also be aware that some brands process the Stevia using sugar alcohol or dextrose which will also feed the Candida yeast.

Look out for brands that use a 100% natural herbal formula in the production of their Stevia. These products use all of the Stevia leaf rather than extracting the active chemical responsible for the sweet taste making them more natural and easier for your body to assimilate. Look out for Better Stevia as they use this production method.

Some brands add additives that can actually aid the Candida dieter. You may find Inulin as an ingredient which is actually a prebiotic that will support the healthy bacteria in your gut and aid in your recovery from a Candida overgrowth. One such brand we know that does this is Better Stevia Balance. Another good source of Inulin is chicory coffee.

How much Stevia should I use?

With Stevia you will find a little goes a long way. In fact, depending upon its concentration it can be between 15 and 300 times as sweet as sugar. When adding it to beverages like tea you will probably need far less than you are used to adding. In powder form, one teaspoon of Stevia is appoximatly equivalent to one cup of sugar.

Look out for organicĀ varietiesĀ of Stevia to help reduce your exposure to pesticides and fertilizers. You will find that when you buy Stevia it normally comes in individual packets to help extend its shelf life. You will find you only need a small amount at any one time and if you purchase a box of these packets they will last you a long time.

Where to buy Stevia?

Having a zero calorie profile and low GI, Stevia has proved very popular with dieters of all kinds recently making it very available. You can probably find Stevia in larger supermarkets local to you but make sure you read the ingrediants in these products carefully. Health food shops are more likely to stock more suitable varieties for the requirements of the Candida dieter. There are also many brands available online.

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