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De-Stress With Probiotics

Stress is one of the most prominent health concerns that bother people of all age groups and from all parts of the world alike. The common reasons for developing stress and anxiety are sedentary lifestyles, busy schedules, lack of physical activity, bad diet. Left unchecked stress can debilitate the immune system, a primary cause of […]

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Probiotic foods

Probiotic supplements

There is no getting around the fact that good quality probiotics are expensive and taking them regularly over the course of the diet can be prohibitively expensive for some. Fortunately, there are foods that contain high quality probiotics that when combined with the anti Candida diet plan are very effective at controlling a Candida overgrowth. […]

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Choosing the right Probiotic

Good quality probiotics are a vital element in the successful treatment of a Candida overgrowth. When combined with a suitable diet and the correct anti-fungals you create an environment where Candida can no longer spread and cause damage to your system. There are two fundamental ways in which probiotics work to attack Candida. Recent research has show that Candida thrives in an Alkaline […]

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pH Balance

Acidity / Alkalinity and Candida overgrowth can be confusing subjects. The bodies natural pH level should be around 7.4 which is slightly alkaline, but fighting Candida requires an acidic pH level in the stomach. Can changing your bodies pH level really make a difference? It is important to remember that your body is not just ‘alkaline’ or ‘acidic’ […]

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