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How long does each part of the diet last?

We have found that the people who get the greatest benefit from the Anti Candida Diet Plan are those that set themselves realistic expectations and adopt a new lifestyle to maintain their health. Each Candida overgrowth is unique to the individual and does not disappear over a set period of time, although there are factors […]

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Candida & Adrenal Fatigue

The adrenal glands are small organs located at the top of the kidneys that manufacture hormones and are linked to both you digestive system and immune system. Under certain circumstances the adrenal glands can fail to function optimally and lead to adrenal fatigue, also know as  adrenal exhaustion. Prolonged physical or emotionally stressful situations can place heavy […]

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Immune Boosters

An integral part of the Anti Candida Diet Plan is the support and restoration of your immune system. A Candida overgrowth has a very damaging effect upon the immune system and it will be difficult to overcome Candidiasis with it in a weakened condition. The immune system is one of the first bodily systems that […]

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