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Psyllium Husk

A Candida overgrowth will often spread through your digestive tract if it is left unchecked but the cleanliness of your intestines will have a direct effect upon speed and severity of this. Mucous and fecal deposits can build up in the twists and turns of you intestines and act as a breading ground for Candida yeast cells, parasites and […]

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Bentonite Clay

Sometimes known  as Montmorillonite, Bentonite Clay is an edible form of volcanic ash and one of the most  effective cleansing clays used to treat a range of external and internal maladies. It is composed of small particles that increase in volume considerably in liquid. Due to these powerful absorbing properties, it is often used in colon cleanses […]

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Detox Summary

The Detox stage of the Anti Candida Diet Plan could never be described as enjoyable but  maybe a ‘necessary evil’ is a more accurate description. It is crucial to the success of your Candida cleanse and needs to be taken seriously for best results. The detox gives your body a vital rest period to release toxins and flush out […]

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