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Benefits of Echinacea

One of the main factors that makes it possible for a Candida Albicans overgrowth to occur is a weakened immune system, whether it is caused by stress, antibiotics, poor diet or adrenal fatigue. Echinacea is well know for its powerful immune boosting properties and if used in the correct way will help support your Candida […]

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Tips to keep you motivated during the diet plan

Making such a large change to your diet and lifestyle is always going to beĀ challengingĀ and it is normal to experience times when you feel it is just too demanding. During such times it is important to remember why you embarked on the diet in the first place and that the positive changes you are making […]

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Can I return to my normal diet?

The Anti Candida Diet Plan is not easy and we are not surprised that this is one of the most common questions we get asked. Many people find it difficult to maintain the diet because of its strict nature and revert back to the way they where eating after a week or so. Often dieters […]

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