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Antifungal properties of Coconut Oil

There are many health benefits that the Coconut has to offer, from its nourishing milk, filtered water and nutritious flesh to the versatile oil, the Coconut is a full meal in itself. The oil is especially important for the Candida sufferer as it is one of the most powerful antifungals there is, containing 3 fatty acids Lauric acid, Capric […]

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Detox Summary

The Detox stage of the Anti Candida Diet Plan could never be described as enjoyable but  maybe a ‘necessary evil’ is a more accurate description. It is crucial to the success of your Candida cleanse and needs to be taken seriously for best results. The detox gives your body a vital rest period to release toxins and flush out […]

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Oral Thrush & Candida

Oral Thrush is quite common in Candida suffers. The yeast micro-organism Candida Albicans that is responsible for fungal overgrowth is also the cause of oral thrush but in the mouth and throat. Diagnosis of Oral Thrush is quite easy, but overcoming the infection can take time and it is likely that it will keep coming back […]

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