Anti Candida Diet Plan

The Diet Plan

Green saladWith the detox complete you are now ready to start the second part of the Anti Candida Diet Plan. The detox will have prepared your digestive tract by removing as much of the Candida overgrowth as possible and by giving your body a chance to restore its immune system to it full strength. The dietary changes you will now begin to make will restore balance to your gut flora and starve the Candida yeast.

However strict you are with the diet, it will be very difficult to kill off the Candida alone. By complimenting the diet with antifungals and probiotics you will significantly inhibit the Candidas growth and significantly increase your chances of being Candida free in the long-term. The probiotics will help to balance your gut flora and pH making it more difficult for the Candida to get the nutrients it needs to survive. Antifungals act on the Candida yeast cells themselves, breaking them down and destroying the infestation.

Step 2: Candida Cleanse Diet

In order for the diet to work it has to be restrictive but the good news is that it is more varied than the detox. By cutting out all sugar, in all its many forms, your diet will not only be starving the Candida but you can expect some weight loss too. The diet (when used for a limited period) is very healthy and you should notice improvements quite soon after starting.

Please read through our Candida food lists to learn which foods you should eat and avoid.

You will notice how many foods are excluded in the diet but you will be happy to learn that flavour isn’t on the list! We have compiled a range of tasty recipes on this site as well as a comprehensive accompanying cookbook.

The duration of the Anti Candida Diet Plan can range from anywhere from three weeks to a couple of months. There are several variables that determine the length of the diet – the seriousness of the Candida overgrowth, how closely you follow the diet plan and the effectiveness of the antifungals and probiotics that you choose will all have an affect.

Probiotics & Antifungals

Probiotics and antifungals work together to kill the Candida yeast and help to repopulate the health gut flora. You should start taking both at the end of the detox diet and throughout the diet plan. You may also wish to add a good probiotic to your regular diet to help keep Candida under control in the future.

For the purpose of fighting Candida, probiotics work in several important ways. Firstly, they promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut that compete with the Candida for nutrients. Boosting the levels of these ‘good’ bacteria makes it more difficult for the Candida to overgrow. For this reason it’s important to take a good probiotics  immediately after the detox diet so that you can install a healthy gut flora. The second benefit of probiotics are that they produce acetic and lactic acid which balances the amount of alkalinity in the stomach, inhibiting the growth of the Candida further. Finally, recent studies have found that the micro-organisms in the probiotic actually work with your immune system further reducing the risk of Candidasis occurring again in the future.

Learn more about probiotics here:

There are many natural antifungals that you can take to combat Candida and you may even take them in combination to increase their effectiveness. They work by disrupting the Candida’s cell walls allowing them to be destroyed. Tried and trusted antifungals like Oil of Oregano, Caprylic Acid and Grapefruit Seed Extract are all easy to source and very effective.

Learn more about Antifungals here:

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