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Making such a large change to your diet and lifestyle is always going to be challenging and it is normal to experience times when you feel it is just too demanding. During such times it is important to remember why you embarked on the diet in the first place and that the positive changes you are making will give you long-term health benefits.

We have put together a few key points for you to focus upon to help keep you motivated, whether you are experiencing symptoms during the ‘die-off’ or struggling to complete the cleanse using these tactics have helped others stay the course and heal themselves.

  • Plan when to start the Anti Candida Diet Plan so that it will interfere with your normal routine as little as possible.
  • Make realistic goals. Don’t try to do everything at once. If you currently drink a lot of caffeine and have a diet that is high in sugar AND a stressful lifestyle you are going to give yourself the best chance at success if you tackle these one at a time before embarking on the diet plan.
  • Try to keep in mind why you have chosen to do the Anti Candida Diet Plan and not focus on its limitations and restrictions – remember the diet isn’t forever.
  • The huge change in lifestyle that you are undergoing can seem overwhelming. You may feel that you will never be able to live without a soft drink at lunch or a coffee and chocolate bar in the afternoon but you will be amazed how quickly your taste buds will adapt to less sugar in your diet. Quite quickly you will find that foods that you once couldn’t get by without are now too sweet for you. This will probably illustrate to you just how much sugar you were feeding the Candida.
  • One final tactic that works for some is to write a letter to yourself before you start the diet telling yourself why you are doing it, how you are currently feeling and what you hope the long-term outcome will be. Perhaps you want to have more energy for your family or work, less food allergies or to simple feel better in yourself. During the diet re-reading the letter will remind you just how you felt before and why it is so important to remain strong and to see the diet through.
  • Remember you are in control. Good Luck!

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