What are Antifungals?

Natural antifungal coconut oil

Coconut oil is a natural antifungal

Anti-fungals can come in man-made chemical form or in natural foods and extracts. Whenever possible use natural remedies as they are very effective and tend to be far more gentle upon your system.

Natural Anti-fungals can be supplements that you add into your diet or they can be ingredients that have natural Antifungal properties, such as certain mushrooms and coconut oil. The active chemical (Caprylic acid) in Antifungals work by dissolving the cell walls of the Candida organism and therefore creating a hostile environment that it will struggle to grow in.

Some of the proven remedies that contain caprylic acid are Oil of Oregano, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Aloe Vera. You can also try adding more caprylic acid to your diet in the form of Garlic and substituting your regular cooking oil for coconut oil, which is also a very  healthy oil to cook with.

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